Hands down the best doctor and staff. From January-May of this year, I went to an obscene number of consultations. It was my desire to have my surgery near my home to avoid a longer drive after the surgery. I was ready to settle on a surgeon just 20 minutes from my home, great doctor but I didn’t get the warm and fuzzies from the staff. My husband encouraged me to call Dr. Strock’s office (who actually came recommended to him by his coworker) “you’ve been on 7 consultations what’s ONE more!” I’m so glad I listened to him and I got past the drive…from the time you make the phone call to schedule your appointment until the time you walk in their front doctor this practice truly rolls out the Red Carpet for their patients! If you are in need of a plastic surgeon contact Dr. Strock’s office. If you like the red carpet, if you like being treated like family or if you like being treated like a friend this is the office for you! Dr. Stock truly is a genius at what he does. Oh one Last thing – I admired about the doctor is that we ONLY spoke about what I went in for – there were no “extra” things he suggested or recommended – remember I’ve been on 7 consultations so unfortunately I’ve had a few that were bad. Contact this office today, you will not be disappointed! If you want to talk more about my experience ask the office to put you in contact with me, I’ll be happy to share more about my experience!