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Signs of facial aging occur as the skin loses its youthful elasticity and gravity pulls down the skin and the underlying tissue. Dr. Louis L. Strock offers facial rejuvenation treatments at his Fort Worth, Texas practice ranging from injectables and premier skin care to facial plastic surgery. Patients rely on his experience and expertise to create an effective treatment plan based on their cosmetic goals and skin condition.

Women and men in the Dallas-Fort Worth region considering facial rejuvenation treatments can request a consultationrequest a consultation using the online form to discuss their options with Dr. Strock. Or give us a call at (817) 335-1616 and a member of our friendly staff will help schedule an appointment.

Facial Rejuvenation Procedures

There are two groups of issues that facial rejuvenation procedures address. The first group includes problems with skin pigmentation, texture and fine lines and wrinkles that are the result of a lifetime of sun exposure. The second group includes soft tissue relaxation that results from the effects of gravity that cause a loss of contour of the neck, jawline, and midface.

The treatments we offer range from surgical procedures to less invasive treatments, such as BOTOX® Cosmetic injections, facial filler injections, and medical grade skin care. Please use the links below to learn more about each of the procedures we offer:

  • Facelift/Neck Lift A facelift/neck lift targets issues in the neck, jawline and midface. Dr. Strock specializes in a technique that results in a more natural, less “surgical” look. The goal is to help your face return to its youthful appearance.
  • Eyelid Lift & Brow Lift The eyelid and brow areas are best viewed as a unit. Many patients have redundant tissue of the eyelids that can be addressed with a fairly simple surgical procedure. Other patients may need a procedure that also addresses the position of the brow and the muscles that create frown lines and forehead lines.
  • ZO skin care ZO medical grade skin care products can significantly improve your skin’s appearance, pigmentation and texture with minimal downtime. Personal consultations are available by appointment for these approaches and products.
  • BOTOX Cosmetic BOTOX injections are one of the most popular cosmetic procedures performed in the U.S. In the hands of a skilled injector, the results are remarkable without looking unnatural. Dr. Strock personally performs all injections in his practice.
  • Dermal Fillers Fillers combined with BOTOX can provide a quicker, less costly alternative to surgical procedures in many cases. These less invasive options, however, can have a shorter duration of benefit and require repeated treatments.

A personal consultation with Dr. Strock allows for an in-depth evaluation that results in the treatment plan that best fits your specific needs. What follows from the consultation is a personalized program that most often incorporates the best combination of medical grade skin care to address intrinsic skin damage, BOTOX and soft tissue fillers to address dynamic lines and fine wrinkles, and surgical procedures to address gravitational changes and volume loss to the eyelids and brow, and the neck, jawline and midface areas. BOTOX and soft tissue fillers have minimal recovery other than 1 or 2 days of reduced strenuous activities. The surgical procedures are usually performed on an outpatient basis under general anesthesia or sedation. Recovery usually involves a 1 to 2 week period of activity restriction, and is procedure specific.

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