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Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Louis Strock sees many patients interested in a mommy makeover in Fort Worth to restore their pre-pregnancy body contours after having children. A mommy makeover can consist of several procedures during the course of a single surgical session.

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Customizing Your Mommy Makeover in Fort Worth

The most common reasons women consult with Dr. Strock after having children is to discuss improving the contour of the abdomen and the shape and volume of the breasts. Combining procedures such as a tummy tuck and a breast lift with implants benefits patients because it is cost-effective and it involves only a single recovery period — considerations which can be especially important for mothers with younger children. Safety is Dr. Strock’s top priority, and he thoroughly evaluates a patient’s overall health and medical history before recommending a mommy makeover.

It is very common for this combination procedure to include:

Here’s a look at each of part of a mommy makeover:

Breast Enhancement

After pregnancy, women often see loss of breast volume, decrease in quality of their breast tissue, skin relaxation, and an overall drop in breast position. In many cases, breast implants alone can restore the volume, shape and contour of the breasts without a lift.

Different incision locations can be used for breast augmentation, but only the transaxillary incision doesn’t result in a scar on the breast. Dr. Strock is a nationally renowned expert in transaxillary breast augmentation, which involves a short incision in the top of the armpit.

Unlike many surgeons performing transaxillary breast augmentation, Dr. Strock offers his patients either round or shaped silicone gel or saline breast implants using the transaxillary approach. That includes the “gummy bear” or “form stable” implants. He also routinely performs augmentation using incisions at the breast crease (inframammary) and at the lower edge of the areola near the nipple (periareolar) for patients who prefer those approaches.

Some patients may also require a breast lift to reshape and reposition the breasts after pregnancy and breast feeding. Dr. Strock, in many situations, uses a limited incision approach for a breast lift combined with breast implants.

Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)

A tummy tuck refers to a group of procedures that address specific areas of abdominal wall laxity. Pregnancy causes the abdominal muscles of the deep abdominal wall and skin to stretch and in many cases – especially after multiple pregnancies. Only surgery can repair deep abdominal wall damage. This can be a difficult issue, even in women who exercise frequently and are in excellent shape.

Dr. Strock surgically tightens the deep abdominal wall using a horizontal incision that’s made as low as possible, typically hidden behind most underwear and swimsuit styles. Patients with good skin elasticity but who have a lax abdominal wall can often benefit from Dr. Strock’s minimally invasive techniques which can offer shorter incisions and reduced scarring. The location and length of incisions is something Dr. Strock discusses in detail with patients during their consultations.


Liposuction is included in most mommy makeovers to remove pockets of fat and ensure smooth and aesthetically pleasing contours. Dr. Strock can perform lipo as part of a mommy makeover to remove unwanted fat in the upper arms, abdomen, buttocks, thighs, or other problem areas.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is combining procedures safe?
    As an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Strock is committed to patient safety as his top priority. Not all patients are good candidates for a mommy makeover and Dr. Strock may recommend performing the different procedures in separate operations. In most cases, though, combining the procedures is very safe. Most body contouring procedures are best performed using general anesthesia and patients who undergo a full tummy tuck usually will spend one night in the hospital for observation.
  • Who is a good candidate for a mommy makeover?
    Any woman who is concerned about the appearance of her body after having children may benefit from cosmetic plastic surgery. As with any surgical procedure, it is important to be in good overall health and to stop smoking prior to the operation. It is also important to keep in mind that a woman who is planning on getting pregnant again should consider postponing cosmetic surgery until after she is finished having children. Pregnancy and childbirth can compromise the results of a mommy makeover.
  • What is the cost of a mommy makeover?
    As with other cosmetic surgery procedures, the cost of a mommy makeover varies from patient to patient and from practice to practice. We are happy to provide a specific price quote at the consultation. This quote is based on the extent of the surgery needed and the patient’s aesthetic goals.The cost of plastic surgery also reflects the experience and training of the surgeon and will differ based on the geographic location of the practice. A mommy makeover in Fort Worth ultimately saves patients money because certain fees — such as for the operating room or the anesthesiologist — are only paid once.

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