After Massive Weight Loss Surgery

After Massive Weight Loss Surgery Fort Worth

At his practice, Dr. Louis Strock sees many patients who request help with loose redundant tissue after massive weight loss surgery in Fort Worth. Whether it is achieved through surgery or lifestyle changes, massive weight loss is the result of hard work and sacrifice, and Dr. Strock appreciates the commitment these women and men have made. Plastic surgery after weight loss helps patients complete their personal transformations.

Dr. Strock is an experienced specialist who customizes each procedure for the patients’ unique needs. Patients ready to take the next step in their personal journeys can request a consultation with Dr. Strock using our online form. Or call our office at 817-335-1616 and a member of our friendly staff will help schedule an appointment.

What Is Plastic Surgery After Massive Weight Loss?

After massive weight loss, the skin and soft tissues of many areas of the body have lost their elasticity. This issue can be worsened depending upon the age and nutritional status of the patient. When the body becomes smaller with weight loss, the skin may not shrink with it, leaving the person with excess, redundant and hanging skin and soft tissues.

Plastic surgery after massive weight loss includes a number of different body contouring procedures to remove redundant, hanging skin and soft tissue. Dr. Strock considers the amount of excess skin and soft tissue redundancy, its condition and location when he creates a surgical plan for each patient.

The procedures most commonly associated with plastic surgery after weight loss include:

These body contouring and facial rejuvenation operations often include liposuction to remove pockets of fat and optimize results.

Good Candidates for Surgery After Weight Loss

People who take the steps needed to lose a great deal of weight are usually motivated by a desire to reduce health risks related to obesity. Additional benefits include looking and feeling better and the ability to lead a more active lifestyle. Unfortunately, the excess skin that remains can limit self-confidence and limit certain physical activities. Many people choose plastic surgery to complete their weight loss transformations and enjoy their new look.

Many people choose plastic surgery to complete their weight loss transformations and enjoy their new looks. There are also medical reasons for post-weight loss surgery, since excess skin can cause chafing and even skin infections.

Before scheduling plastic surgery to remove loose skin, a patient should:

  • Maintain a stable weight for at least 6 months
  • Be in good overall health and be cleared for plastic surgery by their primary physician
  • Have established a healthy lifestyle that includes regular exercise and good nutrition
  • Stop smoking if currently a smoker
  • Have a positive attitude and realistic expectations regarding the surgery

By meeting the criteria above, patients considering cosmetic surgery for loose skin significantly enhance the chances of having optimal results.

One of the best ways to develop realistic expectations regarding results is by viewing the body contouring before and after photos in our gallery.

Customizing Surgery After Weight Loss

Because surgery to remove excess skin after massive weight loss typically includes multiple areas of the body, Dr. Strock may recommend staging the procedures as separate operations. This is a common approach that prioritizes patient safety.

At the consultation, Dr. Strock talks to the patient about his or her goals for body contouring surgery. Often patients are most concerned about excess skin in the midsection. Depending on the amount of skin involved, it can be addressed by an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), a panniculectomy (the removal of superficial abdominal fat and skin), or a body lift. Multiple body areas can be addressed in combination, depending upon patient priorities and safety issues relating to the procedure and recovery. These issues are discussed in detail during your consultation with Dr. Strock.

The Cost of Body Contouring After Massive Weight Loss Surgery

The exact price of body contouring after massive weight loss surgery is dependent on each patient’s unique customized surgical plan. The procedures chosen impact cost, as does the overall time required to perform them.

Dr. Louis Strock regularly performs body contouring after massive weight loss surgery for Fort Worth patients. Ready to see what Dr. Strock can do for you?
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