If you are unhappy with your body weight and overall appearance, changing your lifestyle to focus on eating better and exercising regularly is just the first step of the process. Exercise and dieting will help you lose body fat, but areas like your thighs can take on an unappealing appearance due to the presence of sagging loose skin and tiny pockets of stubborn fat.

Only surgical procedures like a thigh lift can remove the excess skin and fat that is causing your aesthetic issues. Surgery tightens the thigh skin to enhance muscle definition and the natural contours of your thighs. The incisions used for the procedure are well-hidden to ensure the aesthetic excellence of your results.

If the thigh lift procedure sounds like your ideal solution, the next step will be finding a qualified and experienced surgeon to perform the procedure. Dr. Louis Strock is a board-certified plastic surgeon who has the knowledge and skill required to provide you with your ideal results. Contact us to schedule a consultation.