Breast Implant Removal

Breast Implant Removal

Patients with breast implants may elect to remove rather than replace their breast implants. While a majority of patients seeking revision breast enhancement with to have their implants replaced, some patients will decide to have their implants removed without replacement. The decision to remove and not replace breast implants is often the result of a desire to avoid ongoing maintenance that can be needed with implants, changes in body weight, changes in the amount or position of breast tissue, or goals for breast shape and size that have changed over time. It is common for these patients to benefit from a procedure to reshape the existing breast tissue to a more optimal position at the time of implant removal.

“Dr. Strock is very precise and ensures the best for his patients. My recovery was very easy. Dr. Strock took the time to check up on me once I got home. His office staff is also very helpful.”

Sara L.

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