Dr. Strock provides the option of many different incision sites when having breast augmentation surgery. Incisions can be made in a number of places. For example, incisions made in the armpit (transaxillary approach) are easily hidden, and allows Dr. Strock visible access with an endoscope to create a precise pocket for the implants with no incisions on your breasts. Other incision sites include an incision at the base of your breast (inframammary approach) or around the areola (periareolar approach). The incision around the areola (periareolar approach) is typically not used unless requested or if a breast lift is needed. Recovery time is the same whether you go through the armpit or the base of the breast.

Dr. Strock will go through extensive detail in a consultation to explain all aspects of the procedure, implants, incision types and recovery. Contact our office for more detailed information at 817-335-1616 or e-mail us at elena@drstrock.com.