Breast Augmentation – All Incision Approaches are Available to You

There is more than one choice when deciding on which incision approach to use for your breast augmentation. Some surgeons won’t let you choose a particular incision pattern based on the type of implant you choose, limiting your ability to personalize your results. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Louis Strock will provide you with any incision […]

Restore Your Breasts with a Breast Lift

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Louis Strock is renowned for his exceptional skill and knowledge in regard to breast procedures. Dr. Strock can provide you with a breast lift that will restore the shape and tightness of your breasts. Age, weight gain, and pregnancy can cause significant changes to the shape and feel of your breasts. […]

Combining Botox with Dermal Fillers

Botox has done wonders for countless people by successfully treating wrinkles and signs of aging with ease. However, combining your Botox treatment with a dermal filler can sometimes yield even more extraordinary results that can rejuvenate numerous aspects of your face. Botox can be used in conjunction with Juvederm to erase shallow, moderate, and harsh […]

Mommy Makeovers for Happy Moms

Although mothers all agree that having children is one of the most amazing and life-altering things a women can do, it’s common knowledge that pregnancy and nursing take a physical toll on the body. Breasts can sag and deflate from nursing, and pregnancy can cause sagging, stretch marks, and increased fat gain in the stomach […]

Refresh Your Look with Eyelid and Brow Lifts

Getting older doesn’t look pretty. The way that people age isn’t always a consistent thing. For example, facial aging occurs because of your personal genetics and environmental factors such as exposure to the sun and ultraviolet light, as well as gravitational pressures that affect the skin and deeper tissues. If you’ve got heavy creases and […]

Body Confidence with Breast Augmentation

One of the things Dr. Strock has learned in my years as a plastic surgeon is that a woman’s breasts can have a surprisingly large effect on many areas of her life. Breasts are an important part of your identity, since they define a noticeable part of your body shape, limit the type and variety […]

Thanks To Mentor Worldwide For The Opportunity To Join The LEAD Group

Thanks to Mentor Worldwide for the opportunity to join the LEAD group and makenew friends at the recent annual meeting in Los Angeles. It was also great to see longtime friends Mark Larson and Rib Schmid. Great to share ideas with such a great an innovative group! Thanks to David Shepherd, Warren Foust, Udo Graf, […]

Dr. Strock Enjoyed Honoring Thomas J. Baker And His Vision For Education In Aesthetic Surgery

I enjoyed the 50th Annual Baker Gordon Symposium in Miami late last week, which honored Thomas J Baker and his vision for education in aesthetic surgery when he started the symposium. This idea has been built upon during his career, resulting in formation of ASAPS many years ago. He and Jim Stuzin have continued the […]

ASAPS Traveling Professor For The University Of Louisville

I appreciate the opportunity to serve as ASAPS Traveling Professor for visit to the University of Louisville over past two days. Thanks to Program Chief Brad Wilhelmi for the invitation and the privilege of meeting with a great group of residents! The future of plastic surgery is very bright!  

Fort Worth Magazine Featured Dr. Strock in the “Top Doc” 2015 Edition

I’m glad to be in Miami to join the celebration of the 50th Annual Baker Gordon Symposium. This meeting will honor Thomas J Baker MD, and his contributions to many of us and our specialty as a whole. It will be fun to see many friends and my live surgery patient from last year (transaxillary […]

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