Tummy flab can be eliminated once and for all with the right type of abdominoplasty. Given that there are plenty of types of tummy tuck or abdominoplasty, your surgeon ca easily recommend one that solves your actual problem. This is also a procedure that can easily be combined with other cosmetic procedures if a drastic contouring is required.

Abdominoplasty – An Overview

Depending on the type of abdominoplasty planned the surgeon makes an incision above or below the navel as the procedure demands. Excess skin tissues are removed to visibly reduce the flab and excess skin that causes sagging. Fat correction procedures might also be combined if required. The incision is stitched back after the skin is held tight. This leaves the tummy looking flat and fit.

Contouring the Stomach

After maintaining a healthy weight for some time, abdominoplasty can be used as a method to remove skin sag. Even if this is caused by the loss of elasticity that happens with aging, the procedure can be effective. After a weight loss journey this procedure can be used as a method to deliver the contouring that enhances the visibility of the weight loss results. There are also abdominoplasty procedures that can be performed after pregnancy to restore the flatness of the stomach eliminating pregnancy induced skin sag. In cases where there is a dramatic makeover done, the belly button is repositioned to deliver more natural looking results. This makes the tummy look healthy and trim.