A brow lift is a cosmetic procedure which is used to elevate a drooping eyebrow. It helps in clearing any obstructed vision and/or removes lines or marks that run across the forehead. The cosmetic surgeon performs a brow lift to change the position of the soft tissues of the forehead. This procedure reduces sagging of skin in the eyebrows and above the nose.

  • Who is the right candidate for brow lift surgery?

An individual who wants to get rid of frown lines, wrinkles and drooping eyebrows is the right candidate for brow lift surgery. Even people with creases in their forehead and furrows between their eyebrows can go in for the procedure. The excess skin above the eyelids can also be removed with surgery.

How brow lift is performed?

You will have a meeting with your surgeon prior to the procedure. You should discuss all your queries, expectation and fears with him to be fully aware of what to expect. The surgeon will evaluate your forehead to determine the right procedure for you. The surgeon shall also recommend certain changes to lifestyle before you undergo the procedure. For example if you smoke, the surgeon may ask you to stop for some time before the surgery. You may also be advised to avoid alcohol and certain medications. Certain anti-inflammatory medications can lead to more bleeding and should be avoided before the procedure as well.

Brow lift is an outpatient procedure which only takes a few hours. The surgeon uses minimal invasive surgery which involves making a small incision in the hairline above the brow or in the middle of the forehead.

  • What to expect after surgery

A brow lift procedure heals quickly and the patient goes back to normal routine after a few days. It is common to have some swelling and bruises on the forehead and the face. The surgeon can recommend cold compression to reduce swelling. The patient is advised to keep the head elevated when lying down and avoid any activity for a certain period of time. It is advisable to have plenty of ice and ice bags along with pillows at home to assist in healing.

  • Recovery

The recovery time for minimal invasive brow lift surgery is short and the patient fully recovers from brow lift surgery in two to three weeks. The bruises and scars fade away slowly and the patient is advised to follow up with the surgeon for proper after care.