If you’re the owner of a face smooth as butter, you probably want to keep it that way. Instead of spending your later years trying to become younger, it’s all too easier to prevent the freckles and creases of old age from creeping across your face to begin with. If the secret of beauty was the question, Botox would be the answer.

Why Botox?

Botox isn’t a cure. It’s a preventative. And unlike most preventatives, Botox comes in a syringe instead of a pair of scalpels. A simple injection of the botulism neurotoxin by an artful dermatologist is all that’s needed to freeze the wrinkles in their tracks.

If you’ve ever wanted a solution for the dozens of lines across the face, then Botox should be the top thing on your mind. Any and all dynamic lines that form from laughing, frowning, crying all embed themselves deep into the fibers of your face.

The Botox serum sneaks into your face and teaches it the secrets of relaxation all in a simple, straightforward manner that doesn’t need any yoga or plastic surgery to figure out and decipher.

Just a single dab and your face lets loose of frowns and lines. You can sneak into a session on your lunch break, close your eyes and let the Botox work its magic.

When you return to your friends, family, or colleagues, no one will be able to tell the difference except ask why you have a smile on your face.