THIS IS YOUR BODY…PUT YOUR FAITH AND TRUST WITH THE BEST SURGEON IN DFW!! I first came to Dr. Strock in 2008 for my “mommy makeover.” From the first consultation I felt very comfortable with Dr. Strock who is the ultimate professional and serious clinician. He is thorough and carefully explains each step of the process. He is a perfectionist. Much more picky than I am, which I’m grateful for!! His work is better than any I’ve seen. The line he created with my tummy tuck scar is actually beautiful and I’ve never seen another come even close. I’ve since had a breast lift revision to deal with implant issues after a serious bike wreck. I’m 10 years older now, and so is my skin, the surgery was complex with lots of moving parts. The result is better than I could’ve imagined. My breasts are beautiful and I’m thrilled. The patient care and support are phenomenal from the initial consult, throughout the surgery and recovery, and finally the post op care. Dr. Strock and his staff set a higher bar for the patient care standard. Always happy to help, I feel as though they are delighted to see me anytime I’m in the office. I could go on ad infinitum, but the bottom line is this: do not choose a plastic surgeon until you have had a consultation with Dr. Strock!!