I would highly recommend Dr. Strock and his staff to anyone and everyone! From consult to post op appointments his office staff has gone above and beyond to make my procedure go smoothly. For years I had wanted to do breast augmentation and at 31 I finally made the decision to go through this procedure. I scheduled several consults in the DFW area but was drawn to Dr. Strock because of his expertise and confidence in the transaxillary procedure. Being a small framed person, I was most concerned with finding a conservative size. Dr. Strock was adamant that he would only do the best fit for my frame. He had me go through several sizes in the fitting that I thought would look good before he even gave his suggestion which turned out to be the perfect size and feel for me. The transaxillary procedure was the best decision I could have made. Due to the location of the incisions I feel that it actually helped shorten my recovery time. After the surgery I was able to avoid all of the “optional” pain medications and return to normal activities as suggested by Dr. Strock. Lastly the office staff is second to none! I am always greeted by name and made to feel like an old friend rather than “just a patient”! Communication is something that Dr. Strock and his office excel at. I was able to reach out in several ways before, during and after my recovery and was always answered with quick and helpful responses. I am now 9 months post office and truly could not have made a better decision than Dr. Strock and his staff!