The Goal of Revision Surgery

A revision breast implant surgery is done to swap prior breast implants with brand new ones. A person may wish to alter,or improve the appearance of already surgically augmented breasts, at the same time, refurbishing the implant material. This could constitute another breast lift or reduction, contouring, and shaping the breast implant pocket to position the implant once more or either increasing or decreasing the shape, style, or size of the breast implant.

Why You May Want a Revision

Reasons for a revision breast augmentation or implant surgery could be any of the following:

  • Wanting a change in breast size
  • Rupture or migration of an existing implant
  • Pain caused by the contraction of the capsule
  • A change from a saline implant to a silicone implant

A Secondary Surgery

For many reasons, a revision breast augmentation can be more challenging than the first one. The presence of scar tissue makes it harder to predict results, combined with the challenge of elasticity of tissues and complications arising out of previous implants. Other than this, a patient may be more apprehensive the second time around. The single-most positive predictor of whether a breast revision will go well, is the way the doctor-patient communication takes place. If both are honest, the chances of success will be high. A high rate of success is also due to the kind of revision a patient desires – early contraction of the capsule has a high success rate, and lowering an implant is easier than raising it. Nonetheless, with a good surgeon, and well-researched options, this surgery can be highly successful.