One of the things Dr. Strock has learned in my years as a plastic surgeon is that a woman’s breasts can have a surprisingly large effect on many areas of her life. Breasts are an important part of your identity, since they define a noticeable part of your body shape, limit the type and variety of clothing you can wear, and help make you feel confident and comfortable in your own skin.

Each individual woman is looking for a specific functional and aesthetic quality when she undergoes breast augmentation surgery.

Whether the augmentation serves to correct asymmetry between the breasts, increase the size of a naturally small bust, or restore volume and projection that have been lost to body changes, each breast augmentation surgery is a unique process that must be custom tailored to meet your needs.

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Louis Strock works closely with each patient to ensure that their goals and needs for breast augmentation surgery are realized. Schedule your appointment today to learn more!